The Reiki Creed lists 5 principles which describe to goals practitioners aim to reach in the practice of Reiki. 

If we study these it becomes apparent that they are attuned to the Western premise of self-actualisation,

or striving to reach self-fulfilment, to reach our full potential to the point of being able to give back to our

community, our universe.  As a Reiki Master Gabrielle is keen to share the Reiki experience and help others

to feel the joy and healing offered by Reiki.

To make an appointment call Gabrielle on 0418 929 397 or 


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Gabrielle's Healing

Gabrielle is passionate about providing integrated complementary therapeutic services that focus on the whole person. By providing Massage and Reiki her aim is to assist you to regain insight and make the transition to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.


The benefits of massage are supported by scientific research and include


  • increase circulation, 
  • reduce stress,
  • induce muscle relaxation,
  • stimulate respiratory function
  • reduces pain
  • improves functional ability
  • reduces anxiety


As an experienced nurse/midwife Gabrielle has highly developed assessment skills and will integrate this into treatments to provide the maximum individual benefits.

Pregnancy Massage

As a midwife her particular focus is about families and pregnancy. Her understanding of the specific issues related to pregnancy have led her to see massage as a fabulous way to help pregnant women. Gabrielle is endorsed as a NurtureLife Pregnancy Massage Practitioner and has the knowledge and expertise.  Perinatal packages are available covering antenatal, post natal and infant massage.

Infant Massage

With her experience as a Midwife and Massage Therapist Gabrielle is able to facilitate the opportunity for parents, grandparents and carers to confidently learn

# perform baby massage

# aligned with developmental milestones and current research on touch and infant development

 # applicable to babies and infants of all ages.  

Each workshop consists of a series of two (2) sessions each one hour long.

Parents, grandparents, carers and partners welcome to become involved in the experience